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Ghost detector radar camera

Ghost detector radar camera

With Ghost detector radar camera you can simulate hunting spirits and remove the phasmophobia in the people. Prank for hours!

Want to have fun with your family and friends simulating hunting paranormal spirits? Prank everybody and don’t stop making jokes! This will help to remove the phasmophobia in your family and friends.

In Ghost detector radar camera you can find (simulated):
– EMF meter to prank if the spirits are close
– Radar detector to find paranormal phenomenons
– Flashlight if the room is dark
– Radio to listen ghost phycophonies
– Temperature meter to hunt the paranormal spirits bodys
– A cross to protect yourself from the ghost
– Camera to photograph all your hunts

Ghost detector radar camera will give you hours for making jokes. Your family and friends will suffer your pranks! Remove their phasmophobia!

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